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Ksenia Nikulcova

Graduated nutrition specialist, student of the master’s study program in nutrition, member of the Latvian Association of Diet and Nutrition Specialists. She received a certificate in Food as Medicine – Fertility, and Pregnancy from the University of Monash (Australia).
She works in a multi-professional team in a health center, under the supervision of a family doctor and pediatrician, as well as in research projects at Riga Stradins University, where she studies the eating habits of pregnant women and the impact of climate change on our diet.
Within the framework of professional activities, she consults on:

  • Basic principles of healthy eating according to age and lifestyle
  • Weight correction – weight loss or weight gain
  • Nutrition for various diseases (cardiovascular diseases; diabetes; gout; iron deficiency anemia; gastrointestinal diseases; kidney diseases; polycystic ovary syndrome; food allergies and product intolerances; oncology; etc.)
  • Women’s nutrition during pregnancy and lactation; menopause and postmenopause
  • Vegetarian, vegan diet and its improvement

fitness trainer

Vilberts Marts Biernis

I can call fitness my lifestyle and gym a second home for several years. I am currently studying to be a Health Sports Specialist at Riga Stradiņš University, At the same time, I am acquiring in-depth knowledge of the training process, nutrition, and recreation through self-study. Good health and appearance is a vertically integrated process – each client’s situation is unique and is followed by an adapted training plan, monitoring the quality of its performance and, accordingly, gradual progress that does not lead to overload. The biggest and best progress is from a constant, orderly routine – training regimen, meals, and sleep. I can help arrange this routine according to the expected results.

I offer specialized workouts to increase both muscle mass and strength, a specific training regime for specific sports, or as part of the preparation for competitions, as well as weight loss and heart health.


Ivars Maksimuks