Someone who has never seriously trained before may be a little lost when they arrive at the gym. Where do you start? How do you work out? How long should the workout take? Lack of this knowledge always results in serious mistakes in training, which does not bring the expected results. How to change it?


Set goals

If you are starting out in the gym, you should determine what you really want at the beginning. Do you want to lose weight, build powerful muscles, or maybe just gain strength? It is on the basis of these expectations that a precise training plan is prepared, because each goal requires slightly different methods. Very often the enthusiasm of people who train disappears after a few weeks – they forget why they are here, and their actions are less effective, because they do not really concentrate on anything important.


Don’t expect the impossible

No success comes overnight. You won’t be able to shape up like from the cover in a few days, for this you need many weeks of hard work. However, you can set a schedule so that systematically, week after week, you will see progress, which will encourage further training and will show that all this effort actually makes sense.


Ask for help

Training takes experience. In any sport, if you don’t know what to do, you can lead to injury. And novices often think that exercising for muscles is no great art, just lift big weights and that’s it. In reality, however, even the most banal exercises require proper technique, with which not everyone is familiar, making training less productive and more likely to lead to injury. So it is worth asking for help from an experienced instructor and at least at the beginning train under his supervision, rather than on your own – good exercise technique gives more than lifting the biggest weights, but wrong.



Have your own training plan

Training without any idea rarely brings good results. Each muscle part must receive its own set of exercises, because focusing only on certain parts of the body usually does not give the desired results. What also matters is how long you have been training a given muscle group. That is why the training plan is very helpful – you have a detailed list of exercises for each day of the week, so you can easily take care of the correct development of your figure.


You can use ready-made plans available on the internet, however you should always take into account your level of experience – reaching for plans for experienced bodybuilders when you are just starting your training is a simple way to overtrain your body.


Don’t forget to warm up

Another serious mistake is ignoring the warm-up. It is essential, because muscles must be warmed up before undertaking a serious effort, otherwise they will get injured. Strained joints or soreness are usually the consequence of the lack of a proper warm-up – it should last at least 10 minutes and include legs, shoulders, trunk and calves. At the end of the workout you should also take care of your muscles, this time performing appropriate cooling exercises to help your muscles regenerate.


Eat healthy

About 80 percent of success in the form of a beautiful muscular body is due to the diet. Diet is extremely important and without it you can’t dream of a perfect figure. Good diet is needed not only to lose weight and reduce body fatThis is why every experienced bodybuilder cares so much about the quality of his menu.

A diet for muscle mass must certainly contain plenty of protein, but you also need to remember about healthy fats and ‘good’ carbohydrates. A well-balanced, varied menu will not only accelerate the building of muscle mass, but also increase the performance of the body.


Get plenty of rest

Exhausting your body does not accelerate progress at all. Sitting for hours at the gym may work for professionals with long experience, but for amateurs it is not such a good idea at all. Muscles must have time to rest, because that is when they grow, so paradoxically, exercising a lot delays reaching the goal. The best plan to build mass is to exercise three days a week, but intensively.


Check your progress

A training plan may seem ideal, but in practice it may not necessarily work. Something that works for some won’t work for others, so you should always monitor your progress and evaluate the effectiveness of your training. The second thing is to maintain motivation. Change in appearance does not happen suddenly, so it can be easily overlooked, but if you take pictures of your silhouette, for example every two weeks and then compare these pictures, you will see that despite appearances you have come very far, and this will encourage you to further exercises.

Kas ir proteīns?

Protein is one of the most important nutrients that our body needs. Without this nutrient, we wouldn’t be able to play sports or enjoy how beautiful our skin can be. Protein is involved in all life processes because it is part of the cells and tissues of all living organisms.